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Release Date:
Rating: 5.5
Directed by
Joseph Kosinski
Written by
Ehren Kruger, Eric Warren Singer
Based on
Tom Cruise, Jennifer Connelly, Miles Teller, Monica Barbaro, Val Kilmer, Lewis Pullman, Glen Powell, Jon Hamm, Ed Harris, Jean Louisa Kelly, Manny Jacinto, India Everett, Francis Ngannou, Preston Lacy, Chris Raab
Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom
Paramount Pictures, Skydance Media, Jerry Bruckheimer Films
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Top Gun: Maverick has become an unexpected success, at least one that was not coming when talking about the sequel to a movie released in 1986, and that comes 36 years late. But grossing more than $1.1 billion has been enough to become Tom Cruise's highest-grossing feature film, and the fever for the actor has grown even higher since then. Fever that is also seen on streaming platforms such as Netflix.

How to watch Top Gun: Maverick (2022) Full Movie premieres on Tuesday, May 25.

It is in this Top Gun: Maverick that I have found Barry Seal: The Dealer, the Tom Cruise movie that you must see after Top Gun: Maverick for several reasons. The main? It was quite underrated when it was released in 2017, and now you have a unique opportunity to enjoy it on Netflix, for free and at no additional cost, from the comfort of your sofa. You want to know more? So read on and dig deeper into who Barry Seal was and why this feature film is so interesting.

Barry Seal: The Drug Dealer, how could it be otherwise, is a film based on the real life of this TWA pilot recruited by the CIA who became a major drug dealer. Why do you have to see this tape after Top Gun: Maverick? In addition to being played by Tom Cruise, in it he also plays a pilot, although with a completely different purpose and far from what is correct and ethical.

Need For More Speed: Miles Teller Reveals He’s In Talks With Tom Cruise For Top Gun 3

On the other hand, critics backed Barry Seal: The Dealer, but it only managed to gross $135 million worldwide. An insufficient figure for a biographical action film that tells a story known by several generations. That is why he insists on the need to watch it on Netflix now that it is available for free and without ads.

Being a film based on real events, the veracity of the story it tells is also interesting. If you want to know more about the life of Barry Seal, keep reading, because I will answer two very recurring questions whenever this guy is talked about.

It is not easy to keep an investment of 170 million dollars in the fridge for two years, but the strategists of Paramount Studios who knew how to wait until May 27 to release Top Gun: Maverick celebrated a fact that showed that they had done the right thing.

Just five weeks after its arrival in theaters, the film starring Tom Cruise crossed the threshold of 1,000 million dollars in worldwide collection, a record that since the pandemic began only Spider-Man: no way home (2021 ), which has raised about 1,900 million to date. In addition, it managed to position itself as the highest grossing film so far in 2022, leaving behind Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness, which only reached 946 million.

The success of 'Top Gun: Maverick' would suggest that the sequels are a good business

While Hollywood seems to be pushing in the same direction, Tom Cruise has opted for the opposite. The industry in general is committed to adapting to the new times, the consequences of the pandemic and changes in the consumption habits of viewers. Cruise has not wanted to move an inch.

The one who is probably the last great Hollywood star has stood up in front of Paramount reiterating that 'Top Gun: Maverick' had to be an old-style blockbuster, nothing to modify its exhibition window in theaters, nothing to think about the streaming of first: a blockbuster of those of yesterday and, as far as the box office is concerned, even today.

In an unexpected turn of events, said sequel to 'Top Gun. Ídolos del aire' has become the perfect example of an (almost) unprecedented success. In the domestic market, 'Maverick' is already close to the top 10 of the highest-grossing films of all time, a milestone that is noted after the aforementioned paradigm shift.

When is Top Gun: Maverick available to stream?

The world is not what it was after the pandemic and only a couple of films have managed to sneak into the ranking of the most successful films in history in the United States: this film headed by Cruise and 'Spider-Man: No Way Home'. And what do they have in common? Neither of them suffered from the widespread new policy of 45 days in theaters and then on platforms.

Both have enjoyed an exclusive theatrical release. Of course 'No Way Home' had more in its favor, starting with its belonging to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a very successful drawer in itself; hence the triumph of 'Top Gun: Maverick' is perceived as somewhat unheard of.

The highest-grossing film of Cruise's career, which has blockbusters of the stature of 'Mission: Impossible', currently has a worldwide gross of around 1.1 billion dollars and, after its premiere on May 27 , is still in the Top 5 North American box office, specifically in second position just behind 'Minions: The rise of Gru'.

Journalist Matthew Belloni tells Puck (via Uproxx) that Cruise doesn't start getting a plus until Paramount hits $125 million in revenue, and that usually the studio takes about half of the domestic box office gross ( a little less than the international).

But if the movie hits $1.3 billion, which seems more than likely, Paramount's revenues would jump to around $600 million, and that's when Cruise would start taking a hefty commission. And it is that if the benefit of the aforementioned distributor reaches such a figure, the protagonist of 'Maverick' would take an extra 55 million, that is, beyond what he charged prior to the premiere of the film.

If we add to this the commissions generated by the arrival of 'Maverick' on platforms, Cruise could ultimately pocket between 80 and 90 million dollars.

'Top Gun: Maverick' Flies Back to Select IMAX Screens

In addition to starring in 'Top Gun: Maverick,' Cruise is the film's producer and chief creative officer. The latter transcends some recent statements granted to BBC Radio 1, in which he explains the path that this sequel has traveled to reach the big screen.

"For years I thought about how we could approach the film in terms of story and structure. I would get terrible ideas, proposals that just didn't work at all. And I just said, 'This is never going to work. I'm not interested.'"

“Then I found that there were enough elements to put us to it, and I thought that if I was ever going to do it, it had to be now. I sat down, wrote and thought about it. , while simply telling me to go 'you're Tom, we're going to be on your side'.

And I reacted like, 'No, no, you have to think about it'". That desire to build a powerful argument would have been key for an audience and critics who have been delighted with the result. Tremendous, Tom.

That times have changed is nothing new. If we stick to the cinematographic medium, the remodeled consumption habits as a result of the pandemic, in addition to leaning drastically towards streaming, have turned the fight for a piece of the pie at the traditional box office into a fierce struggle in which fewer and fewer titles they manage to get out not alive, but with their heads held high.

Billionaire Anomalies

If we look at recent data, it has become an anomaly for a feature film to break the billion mark in box office receipts. Since 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' burst the international box office - currently it already amounts to 1,901 million dollars -, there has not been a single product of the great franchises that has become a "billionaire", as Americans would say.

Without going any further, the long-awaited 'The Batman' is currently at 770 million dollars, films like 'Morbius' have resulted in tremendous hits unable to even reach 200 million —it has added 163, to be exact— and even the Marvel Universe has been left at the gates of 1,000 million with a 'Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness' that has landed on Disney + with 950 million dollars harvested in theaters.

But, in this scenario, the amazing aerial combats of 'Top Gun: Maverick' have broken with the dynamic, elevating Joseph Kosinski's film as the great billionaire singularity of 2022. But, what factors have influenced Tom's latest Cruise has stopped the superhero wheel and has already deposited 1,024 million dollars in the coffers of Paramount? I will try to shed some light on it.

Perhaps the first and, arguably, main differentiator that has managed to elevate 'Top Gun: Maverick' above its competitors has been, plain and simple, the tremendous expectations placed on a project that has been made to beg. And by that I don't just mean its belated sequel nature fueled by 36 years of accumulated popular outcry.

Watch the Top Gun: Maverick Cast Pump Up Before That Beach Football Scene

In addition to its split with Tony Scott's classic and the many attempts to greenlight the production over the past few decades, we must note that the original release date for the feature film dates back to 2019. Since then, its release has been delayed. postponed countless times, increasing the anxiety of the respectable that ended up going to theaters en masse after its full reopening this 2022.

But as big studios and industry drift might suggest it, the keys to success aren't limited to dance dates and inspired marketing teams. The quality of the product continues to be essential to make a difference – not necessarily to succeed, sadly and the case of 'Top Gun: Maverick' leaves no room for questioning that we are facing a great achievement in cinematographic terms.

Careful characters, a perfectly measured use and understanding of nostalgia, a really exciting script and spectacular, organic action sequences at the forefront of the Mecca of cinema have ended up translating into what I am not afraid to describe as "the perfect blockbuster". A cocktail of ingredients that have worked the miracle of making the public and the critics coincide with practically no discussion.

Where Can I Stream 'Top Gun: Maverick'? When and Where

Actor Miles Teller, one of the stars of Top Gun: Maverick, has been in talks with Tom Cruise about a new Top Gun installment: "It's all up to Tom."

More than thirty years after the premiere of Top Gun in 1986, Tom Cruise has returned to star in its sequel, also set a few decades later. This time the actor has been accompanied by Miles Teller, who plays the pilot Bradley Bradshaw in Top Gun: Maverick (2022).

Top Gun: Maverick has been one of the most successful films in cinemas, becoming the highest grossing film of Tom Cruise's career and reaching more than one billion dollars worldwide. Taking these figures into account, thinking of a third installment of Top Gun would not be unreasonable.

Will there be a sequel to Top Gun: Maverick?

Entertainment Tonight had the opportunity to speak with Miles Teller about the possibility of seeing Top Gun 3 one day, and the actor has not ruled it out in his statement: "that would be great, but it all depends on TC Cruise]" .

Joking about the film's box office, Teller said, "That's precisely what my team has been talking about for future negotiations."

In any case, Miles Teller and Tom Cruise have developed a good friendship thanks to their participation in the film and they even send messages congratulating each other on their birthdays. "For him, sharing Top Gun with me and many other young actors has been a very wild ride, which is still going on."

Top Gun: Maverick was released in theaters on May 27, but despite being on the bill for more than a month, it is still possible to see the film in some theaters and at different times. Later, the film will arrive at Paramount Plus.

Since Top Gun: Maverick was released it has already grossed more than 1.115 million dollars, which is a real outrage. But they are very understandable figures since the film is quite a cinematographic experience. Plus, it's one of Tom Cruise's best performances in recent years. But Why did it take 36 years to make the sequel?.

You Can Finally Watch Top Gun: Maverick Full 'Great Balls Of Fire

Tom Cruise revealed that he chose to wait to make a sequel that had the perfect story.

"Only for years, he thought: How do I do this? What is it? Talking about history and structure for years. People come up with ideas that are terrible, they just didn't work at all in any way, shape or form. And I just said: This is never going to work. I'm not interested".

“There were enough elements in place that I thought if I was ever going to do it, it would be now. I'd lay there at night, okay. I'd sit down, I'd write, I'd say, If I did this… And I spent years formulating the process by which I would think about making this movie. Because they're like: Just do it, man. We are in. And I was like: No, no, there's a whole thing."

In a recent Top Gun: Maverick interview with the BBC

That there is film technology that can support a shoot like Top Gun: Maverick also convinced Tom Cruise that the time was right.

“When I did the first one, I flew. He had no real training, and he knew that he wanted the breadth of the film to be more expansive. So how do I educate the studio, the filmmakers, the actors on what it is that I wanted to achieve? And you can see in American Made (Barry Seal. The dealer) and Mission: Impossible: Fallout that I'm developing the technology, I'm thinking about it.

One of the things that made Top Gun: Maverick a popular success as a sequel was the way it indulged viewers in the nostalgia of the original film. And it was never made clearer than in the scene where Tom Cruise's Maverick gives a team-building task to the new generation of fighter pilots: a football game, played shirtless on the beach in tribute to the infamous volleyball sequence from Top Gun.

"When everyone found out I was doing this movie, they said, 'You know you have to have a volleyball scene. It's not a 'Top Gun' movie without it,'" director Joseph Kosinski told USA Today. . "Everyone had their calendar marked with, 'This is football dogfight day.' Break out the coconut oil and spray tan, let's do it!"

Actors Miles Teller, Glen Powell, Jay Ellis and Danny Ramirez had spent months perfecting their physiques prior to filming, and this moment of levity within the larger action of the film gave them a chance to show off the results of all their hard work.

Speaking to Men's Health, Powell admitted that as soon as he found out he'd been cast, he started thinking about the football scene, and that aesthetic issues became a priority in his training, along with functional fitness. required. "I knew the stakes were high," he said. "In the days before, there was more male insecurity than you've seen on any set. And probably more coconut oil than even Magic Mike."

In a new behind-the-scenes clip posted on the official Top Gun: Maverick Twitter account, the actors can be seen on the beach doing band curls before filming the scene. It's pretty common practice for actors to do this right before they go on camera shirtless, but those curls alone wouldn't make much of a difference if there hadn't been constant hard work leading up to the big day.

One could even argue that these exercises don't do anything physical, but they are great for the actor's mindset as they give him a lot of confidence before the shoot.

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